New MacBook Pro coming February 24th?

Last Year Apple released the i series Intel processor MacBook Pro's one can only wonder whether Apple will release new MacBooks containing the newer Intel SandyBridge?

Italian Apple fansite SlidetoMac has a strong belief that rumors aside there might be a release of the SandyBridge MacBook Pro laptops.

They state:

We have personally found some of the news through pictures, not be published, concerning the availability of these 5 models (MC) of the MacBook. From information received we are not able to tell you what's new and what models will be renewed, but our source is about two new models of MacBook Pro 13 ", two new 15-inch models and a new 17-inch model (the 17-inch model is still some doubt in this case would then be two models of 13 "and three new 15-inch models).

Source: SlidetoMac

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