New MacBook Pro coming February 24th?

Last Year Apple released the i series Intel processor MacBook Pro's one can only wonder whether Apple will release new MacBooks containing the newer Intel SandyBridge?

Italian Apple fansite SlidetoMac has a strong belief that rumors aside there might be a release of the SandyBridge MacBook Pro laptops.

They state:

We have personally found some of the news through pictures, not be published, concerning the availability of these 5 models (MC) of the MacBook. From information received we are not able to tell you what's new and what models will be renewed, but our source is about two new models of MacBook Pro 13 ", two new 15-inch models and a new 17-inch model (the 17-inch model is still some doubt in this case would then be two models of 13 "and three new 15-inch models).

Source: SlidetoMac

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New York Times confirms no iPhone nano

Despite what the Wall Street Journal told us the New York Times has confirmed that an iPhone nano is not under the Apple radar of development at the moment but Apple is working on an iPhone 4 successor, whether it's the iPhone 4GS or the iPhone 5 can not be known.

The next iPhone will expect to hit shelves in the summer.

Source: TUAW

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New iPad 2 screen protector shots confirm camera on iPad 2

It is now official that the iPad 2 will definitely have a front facing camera for the support of Apples video chat known as FaceTime,

images courtesy of 9to5mac

As you can see from the above images the iPad 2 will definitely have a camera allowing for Facetime usage, now that the camera has been confirmed on the iPad 2 we can only wait for further details on the iPad 2.

Source: modmyi

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Apple looking at a brighter future by implementing OLED in future devices

9to5 mac has reason to believe that Apple is looking to implement OLED in their upcoming products, these products could be the iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPhone nano or even a new iPod / iTouch.

OLED has many benefits over LCD displays which are being used by current gen Apple products

  • They give better lighting
  • Better battery life due to lesser power consumption
  • Better viewing angles compared to LCD 
  • Cheaper to manufacture
  • Much thinner compared to LCD

The source of this OLED business is a classified ad posted by Apple looking for OLED engineers so could it be that Apple is planning to implement OLED in all their future handheld devices? let's wait and see.

Source: MacWorld UK

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Apple to build their biggest iStore in Grand Central Terminal

Apple might be going out on a limb and building what could be their largest Apple store, currently the largest Apple store is in Alberta, Canada (Chinook Centre in Calgary) to be exact but it seems that Apple has bigger plans and is going to open an Apple store right in Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Grand Central has a huge number of visitors, at least 700,000 people visit the station daily and some of them even go there for the restaurants located inside the large station.

The location of the store is still unknown but it is certain that Apple is planning on making this store very big and there will definitely be some major renovations inside the great halls of GCS

Source: CultofMac

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How to fix DRM iBooks not opening after 4.2.1 jailbreak

Some users are experiencing issues getting iBooks to work after jailbreaking their iDevice from 4.2.1 (especially those who jailbreaked using Greenpois0n. Unlike the other fixes on the internet you don't need any files or such, all you need is good old Cydia

1. Go into Cydia and add " " as a repository in Cydia

2. Download "iBooksFix" which is free and install it

and voila! you have access to iBooks again on your jailbroken iDevice.

If the above method doesn't work you can always try the method in the below Video

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Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA Version) hacked to work on China Telecom

A China Telecom employee claims to have hacked the Verizon iPhone 4 which operates on CDMA to work on a Chinese Telecom network, this could prove to be useful once the iPhone 4 launches in China officially.

image courtesy of 9to5mac

Source: 9to5mac

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Steve Jobs could have 6 weeks to live

Steve Jobs, the infamous C.E.O of Apple inc could have 6 weeks notice, he has taken yet another Medical Leave from his job and was spotted at Stanford Cancer Center, last year he did take frequent medical leads and The Enquirer believes that he may have cancer and according to doctors they say that he may have as little as 6 weeks to live.

While The Enquirer does sometimes get their speculations right there have been plenty of times where they have been mistaken. Here's hoping this is one of those incidents.

Source: Gizmodo

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First images of Opera on iPad appear

Opera is now an allowed browser on the iPhone app market but now it's time for it to reach the bigger picture by being made for the iPad some initial screenshots have appeared which show Opera Web Browser running on an iPad.

images courtesy of SoftPedia

We can only hope that this becomes official and it will replace Safari, I for one am tired of using safari and was waiting for an alternate browser for the iPad.

Source: MacStories

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Apple helps tell the difference between CDMA and GSM iPhones

Apple has made this handy chart to help people understand the differences between GSM and CDMA iPhones.

While AT&T is selling the GSM model iPhone and Verizon is selling the CDMA version this chart should be really helpful in helping you decide which contract iPhone to go for when you are making your decision.

Source: MacGasm

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Cheaper iPhone can substantially increase Apples Market

The iPhone is without a doubt one of the most successful mobiles in the market right now, whether you're buying it on contract with AT&T or Verizon or whether you are buying it unlocked from your local market there is no doubt that iPhone has taken the mobile market by storm, but who says you can't improve on perfection? While the current iPhone 4 is a bit expensive (if you want to buy it unlocked that is) then Apple should definitely think about releasing something to reach a wider audience such as people who look to spend USD $100 - $200 on a cell phone.

If Apple can succeed in making a cell phone that fits that price range (albeit we may have to sacrifice certain features like 4G or facetime).

According to analysts:

"Beyond helping address a potential saturation challenge, we believe that the possible introduction of a lower-priced iPhone is strategically important for Apple, and we are surprised the company hasn't introduced a lower priced offering previously," he writes in a research note. "We believe that Apple’s ultimate intention is to be the dominant smartphone vendor globally, and that the company has market share aspirations that are akin to its iPod business (rather that its Mac business, where it faces a sticky Wintel platform.) Given these aspirations, we are surprised that Apple hasn't moved sooner to introduce a lower priced offering that could help secure a more dominant installed base. After all, the smart phone world is a platform war, where first mover advantage and scale matter."

Although A cheap iPhone doesn't look plausible at the moment one can only hope that Apple will indeed develop one in the future.

Source: TUAW

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What the next iPhone might look like is a popular Apple site which has a speculation of what the next iPhone could possibly look like

Image Courtesy of 9to5mac

So this is what the future iPhone could look like, this next iPhone could be the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4GS or any other model. Right now the only thing missing is an official Apple announcement.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak guide

Here is a handy tutorial for all you people who want to preserve your basebands on your iOS devices while jailbreaking your precious iDevice.

You can go HERE for a full written tutorial on how to perform the jailbreak. The guide tells you how to perform the jailbreak on both Windows and Mac OS.

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Get FaceTime on your iPad with iFacePad

With this handy app you won't have to wait for the iPad 2 to start taking advantage of FaceTime. Currently the app is only on the Mac and you can only hope for a Windows version in the works.

Here's how you get started

1. Get the App from HERE
2. Download iOS 4.2.1 for the iPod Touch 4G from HERE.
3. Download PhoneDisk
4. Jailbreak your iPad on 4.2.1 (tethered or untethered, but of course untethered is preferred)
5. Start Cydia from the iPad and install OpenSSH and AFC2 (AFC2 comes with Greenpois0n by defeault)
6. Run PhoneDisk, enable Root and connect to it.
7. Run and reboot.

and your finished

Here is a video tutorial too

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